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About me

Visual effects artist, Drone FPV pilot, and filmmaker. I am passionate about several fields like computer generated imagery, animation, architectural projection mapping, DIY electronics, and science in general.

Main skills:
Digital Compositor:

- Ensure that the overall style of the movie is consistent and in line with the director’s vision/goal.
- Recognize what makes an image look good in terms of lighting effects, colour, composition and perspective.
- Make sure that the optical effects and 3D animations are as accurate as the real life organic imperfections of movements and shapes.
- Combine 3D animated images and camera footage elements in a seamlessly way, so that the audience doesn’t feel the added scenery or any other type of effects.
- Work with tight deadlines and with a constant delivery of updated versions to the client.
- Be able to find solutions for the presented problems, making the best use of the ressources with efficiency and simplicity.

FPV Drone Pilot - Editor:
- Build, repair and program radio controlled quadcopters for first person view flying and filming.
- Be aware of the aerial laws set in europe.
- Ensure the safety of people and the proper use of the aerial space, in order to avoid conflicts with other aircrafts.
- Be able to fly in environments with tricky physical obstacles.
- Be aware of the multiple constraints of the location, like radio frequency interferences induced by the buildings or telecomunication towers.
- Stabilize and edit the footage to make it ready to use for any type of video commercials or video clips.

3D animator and fractal artist:
- Good observer of nature, with an improved technical understanding of the dynamic movements mechanics
- Applicable knowledge the principles of animation.
- Make a believable world through the blend of realism and artistry.
- Explore, find and design abstract and organic 3D shapes by using mathematical formulas.